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    There are three main components to a transactional funding deal – your purchase, your sale and transactional funding.

    First, you need a property under contract and earnest money deposited in an escrow account.

    Second, you will need to have a cash buyer under contract to purchase the property for no less than 5% more than the purchase price with the seller.

    Third, you will need to be approved for a transactional loan with a transactional lender.

    Once all three items are you place you will then need to select a closing company that can facilitate a same day close (also known as a back to back or double close).

    Typically, a same day close will complete the purchase (A to B) and the sale of the property (B to C) on the same day – unless you are in CA or VA due to recording rules and regulation.

    However, regardless of the state, both acquisition and sale need to occur within 24 hours.

    A transactional lender will not fund a purchase of a same day close unless the cash buyer has deposited their funds to purchase, in escrow.

    This does not mean that the B and C transaction closes first, you just need to ensure its funded (this applies to all transactions including CA and VA even when the BC occurs 24 hours later).


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