Discount Certificate

Terms and Conditions of Discount Certificate

1- Transaction must qualify as a standard A-B-C transaction.

2- Borrower’s money must be held in escrow at Title Company for Funding Partner to fund transaction.

3- Borrower must allow 2 weeks’ notice of transaction to arrange title work, due diligence, funding, and closing.

4- Certificate entitles Borrower to a discount of two thousand dollars toward A-B-C loan fees (transaction fee of $495 still applies).

5- Certificate cannot be used for any other loan type (only A-B-C transactions).

6- Certificate expires 6 months from the date signed.

7- Funding Partner will not consider funding request until both the Seller and Buyer contracts are in place.

8- Transaction must be a Commercial Loan, and Borrower must be an active Corporation, Limited Liability Company, or other U. S. Business Entity.

9- Borrower must attend the 3 Day Real Estate Workshop to qualify for Funding or discounted fees.